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Gina Bernard-Tambasco has invested through a range of different Sydney property cycles, and now lives a life she loves.  Read on for her story and investor tips.

Crave : Thanks for taking the time to talk to us.  Can you tell us a little about you and what you’re doing at the moment?

I’m an entrepreneur based in Sydney’s inner west.  I’m married, have three children and manage components of our family business as well as running my own business.

In addition, this year I was inspired to do some community based work, specifically around personal leadership for young adults.  Life is action packed, just the way I like it.

I spent the initial phase of my career working for global corporations in the area of business transformation.  It’s quite interesting when I look back, because now I specialise in the area of personal transformation.

After quite a few years working pretty long hours on fabulous postings to locations such as London and Melbourne, I re-evaluated my lifestyle when my twins were born.

I took some time out to consider what I wanted the next phase of my life to be like, and discovered my passion in the health and wellness area.

Crave : As a long term investor, can you talk about your property journey?

I was quite lucky as very early in my career, my father strongly encouraged me to invest in property.  Acting on his advice, I purchased a parcel of land in Sydney’s outer west and built a duplex.  At the time interest rates were much higher than they are now, so I had to budget for the construction but I learned a lot from the experience.

The duplex performed well, then I sold the property just prior to the boom of 1994.  I quickly used the proceeds in the same market conditions to purchase an apartment in Kirribilli, and I lived there for a few years.  Next, I upgraded to an apartment in Milsons Point and, while it was a stretch, I was able to keep both properties.

There’s been a few booms – and yes some slow property cycles – since then, but I’m very glad I retained those properties.

My husband has a similar property story, so when I met him we redeveloped a property he had and also built our own home.

While I know it’s important to buy the right type of property, my advice to people just starting their working life is to pursue property ownership.  It does mean some short term sacrifices, but I’m not suggesting people should get in over their heads.  Focus on the longer term and buy properties with growth potential.

I was always focused on existing properties with a big ‘convenience’ factor – properties in areas poised for growth; close to transport, hospitals and other established infrastructure that offered a good lifestyle.  When selling, I always purchased again in the same cycle and always kept to the fundamentals when deciding what to buy next.

Crave : You’ve changed your corporate life into a more flexible lifestyle, can you tell me how you made the change?

After my twins were born, I was at a crossroad.  I had established a passive income stream through the property portfolio which provided me with enough flexibility to not need to work full time.

I considered a few different options and then found Arbonne, which started for me as a side hustle in between caring for the family and other projects I was involved with at the time.  It wasn’t long before I realised the potential with the brand, and the resonance I had with it.

I really enjoyed the personal development opportunities Arbonne offered, and the business model which brought out the best in me.  I still enjoy the focused mindset and development of personal strengths which now flow on to other parts of my life.

The company’s approach is based primarily around enhancing clients’ lives. I found this to be such a refreshing change to working in large organisations, and it really aligns with my personal values.

The other attraction to this business is the quality and outcomes of the products.  Arbonne maintains the highest standards for using pure and safe ingredients.  This means quality outcomes not only for people using the products, but also for the planet.  In addition, their production approach is of the highest standard, including no testing on animals which I know is very dear to your heart.

My family and I have experienced the results of using the products, and of course my clients have felt the benefits.  The products are based around helping clients live a healthier lifestyle and include skin care, body products, make up and hair products.

There is also a range of programs targeting wellbeing where often weight loss is a healthy bi-product.  The program is designed to cleanse and detox, while teaching wholefood eating and includes coaching and ongoing support.

Results include improvements to sleeping, being more clear headed along with the reduction of a dress or belt size(s).  Diabetics particularly see good results, but the program also works for those who are slightly malnourished as it plugs nutritional gaps and is tailored to the individual.

The other benefit of what I do is that I’m building a business that delivers a recurring income and not just trading time for money as you do when working in corporate roles. There’s considerable upside for focused individuals who might want a low cost / low risk way to build an extra income, or for those who wouldn’t have the means to start a business.  Of course, it’s up to each individual to make the opportunity work for them, so while there’s support people need to have the right mindset and approach.

Crave : More and more people are looking for alternatives to full time employment, or opportunities to speed up their savings to facilitate their property purchases.  Do you have any advice you would like to share?

I would encourage those people who are thinking about building a property portfolio to keep going and achieve their goals.  There will always be some challenges but there will always be a way through.  When I was starting out the challenge was the huge interest rates.  I’m glad now I made the effort to stretch myself to acquire those first properties.

While property isn’t the only option for building wealth, it’s an asset class I like because it’s tangible.  When managed correctly, property can deliver a passive income which can offer flexibility and choices in lifestyle.

The other suggestion I would make is to use a side hustle if a person wants to increase their income and boost their property – or general investing – progress.  Choose something that can be fitted in around your full time job, your study or lifestyle – for example if you’re a full time mum.

In our technology based world there’s a huge range of side hustle options.  The option I have enjoyed is Arbonne because it resonated with me on so many levels.  If anyone would like information about the company or how it has worked for me I would be happy to speak with them.


About Gina Bernard-Tambasco

I am married and am a mum to 3 girls aged 11 and 8 and 8.  Yes, I have been blessed with twins!  Having the twins marked the start of a new path.  I had spent the previous 20 years in a high performing corporate environment with a global consulting firm specialising in IT and business transformation, followed by a number of years leading an IT department for a division of a French bank as well as being on the executive team.  I now am now a mum/wife and entrepreneur.  I have set up multiple income streams, managing a portfolio of property investments, growing my network marketing business and have a governance role in our broader family enterprises.  Over recent years I transitioned to a healthy living lifestyle with mostly clean eating and I incorporate exercise in my weekly routine.  My passion is to share the secrets of living in abundance, with others.

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