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Guest author : Dijana Speak

Property management specialists, Speak Realty, have introduced the ‘Virtual Inspection Report’ as a service to their clients.

The Virtual Inspection Report is a guided video tour designed to provide owners an update on the condition of their investment property. The Virtual Inspection Report is performed on a quarterly basis, in line with Speak Realty’s standard property condition reporting.

Each video report will typically contain:

  • Insight into tenant behaviour and satisfaction
  • Comments on general cleanliness and condition of the property
  • Highlights of any repairs or maintenance performed over the previous period
  • Update on any items that may require attention in the coming period

The Speak Realty team may also use the Virtual Inspection Report to communicate suggestions to increase the value of your investment property, or improve tenant satisfaction and retention.

Ultimately, this service is designed to provide peace of mind, and confidence that your investment property is in safe hands.

Viewing the video

Each video is uploaded to YouTube, and shared only with the owner(s). Reports are delivered to owners via an email notifying them that the Virtual Inspection Report is available.

Each video is uploaded as a private video, which means the video is not listed in the YouTube public directory, and can only be viewed by named individuals. Due to the privacy settings, this also means that recipients cannot simply forward the email or link to others to view the video, although settings can be adjusted to allow sharing where required.

Click here to view a sample report.

Written inspection reports

A written report is still produced for each inspection, and available via Speak Realty’s Owner Portal.  For more information on the Virtual Inspection Report give Speak Realty a call on 02 8850 5050.


The founder of Speak Realty, Dijana is backed by a wealth of industry experience and knowledge. Prior to starting Speak Realty, Dijana worked under one of the largest franchises in Australia, managing a large portfolio of properties. She also spent a number of years working within a prestigious real estate training company, learning from some of the best agents in the country. That experience helped shape her into the agent she is today.

Dijana was inspired to start her own independent property management agency – with the vision of creating an icon in the community – and in November 2011, Speak Realty was born.  Since then, Dijana has built a business managing a multi-million dollar property portfolio, and has had two gorgeous children along the way – she is the epitome of the modern business woman.

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