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Our aim is to help you buy the best property for your needs. We’re here to save you time, make the best use of up to date information, and help you maximise every purchase.

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  • “Lisa is an Australian resident returning home after working overseas. “Returning to Sydney after living in the US for more than 20 years, I was concerned about what I might be able to purchase, given the hectic pace of the market. I wanted something special, and Crave worked relentlessly to help me find the right property. They advised me on properties I thought were interesting by showing me their flaws and limits, and recommended properties that were closer to my ideal. In the end, I purchased what I think what absolutely perfect for me. Crave found the property, highly recommended it, and saw that every detail of the purchase and the property were as I had hoped. I can’t recommend them in higher terms. What a fantastic service. I am as happy as I can be with my new home!”

    Lisa - home purchase from overseas base

  • Frank and Joe are both experienced developers, completing over 30 projects between them in the past few years. “We started working with Crave to expand out a development block we had been considering for some time. Crave coordinated the negotiations for the purchase of a range of properties that – when combined – will result in nearly 3 acres of townhouse / R3 zoned land. They also managed the negotiations for a stormwater easement which needed to run through a range of our neighbours’ properties to allow us to submit the DA to Council. This was a tricky and detailed process which Crave handled with patience and skill. “

    Frank and Joe - development blocks

  • Alison wanted to purchase a positive cash flow property for her SMSF. She already knew the area she wanted to purchase in, but just didn’t have the time to search and negotiate the acquisition. “Crave was great as they really understood exactly what I was looking for. They worked very quickly, which meant I didn’t have to re-negotiate any financial approvals. They found me a low-maintenance house, close to the local shopping centre, which will produce good rental returns for me. They coordinated everything, which was essential as I live in NSW and my purchase was in Qld. I would definitely recommend Crave’s services and will use them again for my next purchase.”

    Alison - SMSF purchase

  • Mike originally was looking to purchase a new property in a new suburb on the outer rim of a capital city. “Crave found me a property that matched my criteria, but they also found an amazing property that was twice the land size of what I thought I could buy. Crave outlined the range of opportunities I would have to add value to this property in the short and longer term, so we went with the larger property. I am really happy as the property has already increased by more than 10% in capital growth, and was positive without the use of negative gearing right from day one.”

    Mike - investment property

  • “We proceeded cautiously when we initially met with Scott as we had a bad experience with a Queensland investment property when making a previous purchase. So we worked with Scott to develop an overall property plan which took into account our home, with its non-deductible debt. He helped us build a plan that would focus on paying off our home as quickly as possible, and reaching our personal goals for retirement.” Their first choice was a ‘dual occupancy’ property, 3bd home plus 1bd attached unit, in a growth market in SEQld. It offered positive after tax cash flow, which meant savings and extra cash flow from the property could be directed toward paying off the home mortgage. Expected yield at completion – 5.8%.

    Brad - dual income

  • “Once our first purchase was under contract and the build underway, we worked with Scott to find a property for our SMSF. He found us a ‘nearly built’ townhouse close to the Sunshine Coast Hospital, and had a tenant for us within a week of final settlement.” Gross yield – 5.7%.

    Maryjane - townhouse

  • Richard owned his house in Sydney and several investment properties, including a poor performer in Caboolture. He liked the SEQld growth story, looked at a lot of property options but was after something a bit out of the ordinary. We found him just that – a new waterfront dual occupancy home being built in a community next to a newly planned $3B CBD. “It was great working with Crave. The property they found for me is currently yielding 6%+ and new waterfront homes in the next stage of this development are selling for $100K more. I own the only dual occ waterfront in this entire estate.” Once this purchase was locked in, we worked with Richard to identify a non performer in his portfolio that he was better off not to keep. “Crave recommended a local sales agent who helped me sell the property in under a month and recover most of what I had sunk into it”.

    Richard - portfolio update

  • Dave had been trying to secure a block of land in an overheated NW Sydney suburb for more than six months. Within a week of working with Crave, a suitable block was identified, vetted and put on hold for Dave with the developer. The transaction proceeded smoothly, and Dave is now waiting for his block of land to register so he can start building his new family home. It was very good timing as similar blocks of land to his are now selling for $100K over what he paid. “We hope to work with Crave again once the house is built and we’re ready to tap its equity to build our investment property portfolio”.

    Dave - First home buyer

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Leading indicators for property price direction

Leading indicators for property price direction

If you had to rely on one data source to forecast where property prices were heading, which category of information would you use?  Sneaky insight – the overwhelming majority of property buyers would nominate sales prices.

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The Property Mythbusters Show is Live : – )

The Property Mythbusters Show is Live : – )

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Attic conversion or granny flat – which is best for you?

Attic conversion or granny flat – which is best for you?

Whether you purchased your home as a renovation project or to serve as your forever home, your house is an investment. And, in the times of Airbnb and student housing, renovating your property for a rental return is becoming increasingly popular.

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Roads to riches?

Roads to riches?

Yes . . there really is more than one road.  Not only are there multiple roads to riches, but there’s also rail and light rail and a host of other infrastructure changes coming your way.  It seems all levels of government are finally getting their act together to (try to) deliver sustainable places for us all to live.

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