Key indicators May 2018

Monitoring key pieces of information means we can make informed choices about our investments.  Crave Property Advisory is committed to providing our clients with unbiased information obtained directly from the source.  This is important because information can easily be slanted towards making some investments look good, when they simply aren’t.

Each month, we compile data directly from the following key sources.

  • The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) monthly chart pack – this is the information the RBA uses to determine the cash rate each month.
  • Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) – a Federal Government organization, responsible for compiling information the government uses for key policy decisions.
  • Roy Morgan market research – Roy Morgan is recognized as one of the leading research houses in Australia and uses a broader data set (group of people) than the ABS to collate their forecasts.
  • The Housing Association of Australia (HIA) – the economists at the HIA are amongst the most respected in Australia.  The HIA economists analyse and communicate information for Australia’s building community.

See this month’s indicator report by clicking here.


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