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Whether you’re a first time investor or seasoned portfolio builder, you need to make the best property purchase for your individual requirements. You might prefer just one particular strategy as that’s what you’re confident with. You might want to use a few different strategies, or take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

No matter the approach, Crave Property Advisory will work to find the property that’s best for you. It could be capital growth, high yield, cash flow positive, value-add, granny flats, new or established properties, regional or capital city focussed.

The best strategy is the one designed for you to meet your unique requirements.  Copying strategies of others is often the first mistake new investors make. Your strategy should take into account your financial position and goals, your risk tolerance, and the amount of involvement you prefer (for example – do you want to renovate or just buy ‘as is’). Your strategy should also have multiple exit options and end games, and should be reviewed regularly.

But it’s not all just about finding and acquiring the property.  Equally important is the approach you use to hold and optimise the property after you finalise your purchase.

As a property investor, the benefit of working with Crave Property Advisory is that we have experience with a wide range of strategies, and we stay in touch with market changes. Like all investment categories, the property market is constantly changing so opportunities can arise quickly. Property is largely a long-term game, however you can speed up your success by making quality choices that match your specific (and sometimes changing) needs.

At Crave Property Advisory, we take an ‘opportunity cost’ approach to property selection. This means we look at a range of properties and strategies to ensure you are optimising your investment budget at a point in time.

For example, if you are considering a house and land package, we would compare the selection with all other properties in that market, and also all other house and land packages in your budget.

Alternatively, if you’re considering spending $600,000 in one market, we would look at comparisons at that price point in different locations, and also options for purchasing two properties at $300,000.

So, while we’re happy to find the property you crave, we also want to make sure you’re optimising your purchase using all available information.


Choose the area of support you need and give us a call to discuss your ideas and plans.

Crave straight talk call

Crave straight talk call

Buying property is no longer all about location. These days it’s all about strategy, and this includes a range of components including finance, structures and timing. The good news is that all strategies work, so you just need to be sure you’re using the approach that works for you. Call for a no obligation check-in to discuss how you can optimise your approach.

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10 property pitfalls to avoid

10 property pitfalls to avoid

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