Attic conversion or granny flat – which is best for you?

Whether you purchased your home as a renovation project or to serve as your forever home, your house is an investment. And, in the times of Airbnb and student housing, renovating your property for a rental return is becoming increasingly popular.

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Renovations – how much will my kitchen cost?

The cost of a kitchen renovation varies from one project to another because there’s a plethora of diverse factors involved.  Let’s have a look at the range of choices and how you can outline reasonable budget.

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The non binding offer

Ideally, you’re planning to hold your property for as long as possible to continue to enjoy the returns.  In those cases where you’re planning to sell, ensure you maximise your position by avoiding rookie selling mistakes.

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Do we really need a designer?

Whilst I have always advocated for using designers where required (Architects, Interior Designers, Building Designers and Draftsmen) I am also an advocate for research and well, nailing your design yourself.

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Is your property ready to rent?

If you’re thinking of turning your home into a rental property,  follow these steps to ensure your maximise your position.

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