Buy, sell, hold . . .just know your property numbers

Whether you’re just starting your portfolio, looking to expand or entering the consolidation phase, ensure you include all costs and charges in your planning when making the buy / sell / hold decision on each property.

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Time for a property review

Whether it’s your home, a residential investment or a commercial property, these are all assets which require regular reviews as markets are always moving.  But what exactly do you check or review your property against?

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ATO top ten tips for rental property owners

With Federal Labor rattling the cage about investor legislative changes, it’s a timely reminder to ensure you’re on top of the latest Australian Taxation Office (ATO) requirements.  Here’s a list of their top tips.

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2019 Property Market Forecast

Well no one could say 2018 was a boring year in property land.  We saw confirmation the general market peaked in July 2017, but while some suburbs felt the downward price pressure, others rallied.  So what will 2019 bring?

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International property – pros v cons of living in Spain

Considering an international property purchase?  Perhaps pick up a bargain to live in permanently, or just add to your existing portfolio, you can join the growing number of Australians reaping the benefits of buying in Spain.

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Constructing your construction loan

If you’re smart enough to have purchased a property with potential, there’s two key activities you will need to complete before the benefits really start to roll in.

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Electrifying your title documents – are you ready?

After more than 100 years of managing our property title documents through a meticulous paper-based system, the NSW Land Registry Services (LRS) is stepping into the digital age and has switched to electronic Certificates of Title (eCTs).

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Bricks and slaughter

The producers of the 60 Minutes story on the Australian property market – which aired on Sunday 16 September 2018 – must have enjoyed the reaction from the property industry and the general public.  However, it’s really hard to understand how they’ll avoid accusations of misleading the public when you hear the full story.

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The non binding offer

Ideally, you’re planning to hold your property for as long as possible to continue to enjoy the returns.  In those cases where you’re planning to sell, ensure you maximise your position by avoiding rookie selling mistakes.

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