Land tax around Australia

Yes.  I can hear you complaining.  How boring is land tax?  Well you will find it intensely interesting if you understand the thresholds and consider the implications when making your next property purchase.

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Post election property market kick

On Monday 20 May 2019, at approximately 9.30 am, the Australian property market . . .shifted.  It was about that time when the implications from the result of the Federal election finally sunk in.

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Is your partner killing your investing activity?

We see this a lot.  One person in the relationship has read up on investing and is raring to go, while the other person is being dragged kicking and screaming towards what they see as a risky future.

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NSW settling into a big workload ahead

Whether you’re a fan or not, with the Liberal Party successfully re-elected to govern NSW there is a little more certainty about what legislative changes and infrastructure will be rolled out state-wide.  You might be surprised at the changes ahead.

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The risks of going guarantor

Has a family member asked you to provide a guarantee for their home loan or personal loan? If so, you need to be clear about your obligations under a contract of guarantee.

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Top up your tax return

As an investor, you may have recently come to terms with depreciation and may have been unaware that you were entitled to claim deductions on your rental property. You may have thought your property was too old when it actually qualifies for depreciation – act now before it’s too late!

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FHBs will bear the brunt of housing reforms

The federal Labor opposition’s proposed changes to negative gearing would lock first home buyers out of new homes, according to a property advisory firm.

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Building pipeline takes a nose dive

The construction industry has responded to market demands by severely constricting the building pipeline for the next three years.  The downturn in construction is shown dramatically in the quarterly economic and industry outlook published by the Housing Industry Association (HIA).

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A guide to interior real estate photography lighting

Real estate is now more competitive than ever and, if you’re selling or renting out your property, good photography is essential.  They say a picture paints a thousand words, but it can translate into hundreds of thousands of dollars in cold hard cash when it comes to property.

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Buy, sell, hold . . .just know your property numbers

Whether you’re just starting your portfolio, looking to expand or entering the consolidation phase, ensure you include all costs and charges in your planning when making the buy / sell / hold decision on each property.

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