Trouble brewing in property paradise

Finally the truth is starting to come out.  Unfortunately, the reality of what has been happening in the property market is worse than any of us could imagine.  A recent report conducted by financial monitoring firm – Mozo – reveals the extent of poor quality builds and their impact on buyers over the past ten years.

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What’s best first – home or investment?

Trying to decide whether to buy a home to live in or an investment property can be tricky.  Of course, the aim should be to own the property you live in at some point but it may be quicker to invest first, and work your way into buying your home as a second or third purchase.

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How to recognise potential in a property

Those in the know will tell you in relation to property ‘you make your money when you buy’.  So what should you be looking for when making your selection?  Get insights into the less obvious factors that can add huge value to your property’s potential here.

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Property owner laws and orders

You’ve made it!  You’ve climbed over the paperwork, waded through your search, concluded your purchase and your tenant has moved in.  You can now just sit back and count your rental returns, can’t you?  Mmm maybe not.

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Power up your property with an offset account

There’s plenty of ways to optimise your property but one that doesn’t involve renovation or development is to use mortgage offsets.  Used strategically, offsets can take years off your loan, increase your equity and make every dollar work harder.

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Land tax around Australia

Yes.  I can hear you complaining.  How boring is land tax?  Well you will find it intensely interesting if you understand the thresholds and consider the implications when making your next property purchase.

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Post election property market kick

On Monday 20 May 2019, at approximately 9.30 am, the Australian property market . . .shifted.  It was about that time when the implications from the result of the Federal election finally sunk in.

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Is your partner killing your investing activity?

We see this a lot.  One person in the relationship has read up on investing and is raring to go, while the other person is being dragged kicking and screaming towards what they see as a risky future.

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NSW settling into a big workload ahead

Whether you’re a fan or not, with the Liberal Party successfully re-elected to govern NSW there is a little more certainty about what legislative changes and infrastructure will be rolled out state-wide.  You might be surprised at the changes ahead.

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