Nine indicators of property success

No . . I’m not referring to beautiful cars, jewellery or fast men – although all those things are great.  Property success indicators are pieces of information or data that should influence your property activities.  This includes purchasing decisions, renovation and development decisions, as well as the crucial ‘hold’ or ‘sell’ choices.

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Roads to riches?

Yes . . there really is more than one road.  Not only are there multiple roads to riches, but there’s also rail and light rail and a host of other infrastructure changes coming your way.  It seems all levels of government are finally getting their act together to (try to) deliver sustainable places for us all to live.

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Dwelling double up for NSW

Is your property on a small, narrow block and located in NSW?  You might be in for some very good news.

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Squeezing more rooms into Sydney

Sit yourself down and get ready for a shock.  Whether you’re a tenant, home buyer, investor, developer (new or experienced) or business owner – you’re about to receive some very positive news.

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New strata laws change the playing field

Changes to strata laws will commence in NSW on 30 November, but if you own property in any Australian State or Territory, you would be wise to take note of how the changes play out.

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The easy way to your DA

With our suburbs being re-zoned at a rapid rate, it seems more and more people are turning their hand to development as a way to build their nest egg.  But why is it that some people have nightmare stories to tell, while others seem to sail right on through?

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Short cuts to good tradies

Finding good home improvement trades and labourers can be difficult at times. There can be times when you find yourself in a pickle needing to find someone quickly. It could be that you have been let down or you are just not as organised as you could be. Whatever the reason it can be stressful but it doesn’t need to be.

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Hot suburb = Parramatta?

If you have had a chance to read our story on ‘nine indicators of property success’ and applied the indicators to suburbs across Australia, you will find Parramatta is an example of a suburb that’s so hot, it’s on fire.

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Housing shortage continues

Particularly in NSW.  According to analysis conducted by ANZ bank, the housing shortage in NSW will hit 100,000 next year (2017) for the first time.

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To duplex, or not to duplex

So . .you have heard the buzz about duplexes and how they can make a big contribution to your equity and your cashflow. But is this really true? And, if it is, where do you start?

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