Case study – NRAS smoke screen

The National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) started out as a great initiative by the Australian Government to stimulate the supply of new affordable rental dwellings.  Watch out though, as some deals end up being a smoke screen to hide problems down the track.

The NRAS subsidizes rent to allow tenants to live in an area they would not normally be able to afford.  For example – police on entry level wages who need to live close to their workplace in Potts Point.  Property owners are paid a gap between the rent offered and the market rent, and this is usually agreed over a time period of 10 years.

The pitch

Generally, NRAS deals can appear great on paper for an investor looking for a low-risk cash flow addition to their portfolio.  In a current example, a dual occupancy recent build in Gladstone with 3bds + 1bd was offered to an investor for high $400,000.  The sales pitch states the property is currently rented out for $416 per week, representing 80% of a $510 per week rent.  There is nine years left on the NRAS deal, with tax credits at $21,000 per year.

The reality

Gladstone vacancy rates are currently sitting at 8.3%.  Approximately 160 three and four bedroom homes are advertised to rent for under $200 per week.  Five NRAS three bedroom homes are currently renting at $170 per week.

Like other investors in the area, the owner of the property in this case study purchased NRAS property in Gladstone and is now trying to dump the property for the best price they can get and take the loss.

The numbers

The real rent when the current tenants’ leases come up would be $170 per week for the main property and $100 per week for the smaller (1 bedroom) in the dual occupancy, equating to $270 per week.  Even on a reduced purchase price of $450,000, this is a yield of only 3.1%.  This will mean the purchaser will be looking at many years in a significantly negatively geared situation.

Under NRAS, there will be eight years of $21,000 tax credits but this will cease at the end of the period.  After this time, the investor would be looking at market rent.  Few realize it, but NRAS properties really hurt your ability to service loans, as the banks do not include the tax credits as income in servicing calculations.

The marketers of these properties are hyping the recently announced tourism infrastructure, which is definitely a plus for the area.  Gladstone is not a place investors need to avoid, but it’s important to understand what constitutes real value along with realistic projections for future returns.

The lesson

The biggest lesson here is to focus on all the numbers. Many focus on the NRAS grants themselves and spend plenty of time doing due diligence on them.  They see the low discounted rent and think well ‘I’ll easily get that’. But this would be incorrect.  Sometimes even a rent discounted by 20-25% is not achievable, or rents have dropped so far, that you will have to go much lower to attract tenants.

As the saying goes . . buyer beware.


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