Census data reveals the truth

While it had a few technical hiccups, the Census data from 2016 is considered to be as reliable as ever.  As investors, the Census data provides us with information that will dictate property trends over the next few years.

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Super stability surprise for all

We experienced shock of a different kind during the Federal Budget update earlier this month.  After years of tinkering, it seems the Government has taken steps to provide a stable environment to encourage us to plan for our future.

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Double your insurance payments

If your insurance is due for renewal, think twice before you automatically pay that annual fee.  A report produced by the NSW Insurance Monitor revealed some insurers are charging as much as 2.5 times more for home insurance on similar properties in the same suburb.

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What was that GDP blip?

Economists and market forecasters (including one Scott Hochgesang) Australia-wide took a deep breath recently with the announcement of 0.5 % contraction of GDP in the September 2016 quarter.

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Case study – NRAS smoke screen

The National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) started out as a great initiative by the Australian Government to stimulate the supply of new affordable rental dwellings.  Watch out though, as some deals end up being a smoke screen to hide problems down the track.

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Airbnb with a new twist

Guest author : Kirsty Fanton

With many property owners still coming to terms with the whole Airbnb idea, Airbnb is continuing down the path of innovation, right into the land of business accommodation.

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