Commercial property – crazy or easy?

Are you looking for good capital returns and diversity in your investment portfolio?  Then it might be time to consider commercial property.  The changes occurring in and around our cities are unlocking deals that would make a residential investor’s heart sing.

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Housing shortage continues

Particularly in NSW.  According to analysis conducted by ANZ bank, the housing shortage in NSW will hit 100,000 next year (2017) for the first time.

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Negative gearing game

Oh what fun.  The politicians are playing the negative gearing game again.  By way of background – the Labor Party has announced one of their new policies will be to exclude existing property from negative gearing, allowing investors to claim tax deductions on new property exclusively.

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Cracking the SMSF property code

For those of you who love a good rollercoaster ride, the share market has certainly been delivering this year.  But for a growing number of investors, property is now becoming a key component of their retirement planning.

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Existing v new property = the truth

Congratulations.  You’re ready to make your property purchase.  So what’s it going to be – an existing property or will you buy new?  If it’s existing, are you organised for a renovation and do you know how to check you’re not buying a lemon? If new, are you buying off the plan, a house and land package, or just recently built?  Lucky you . .so many options.

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To duplex, or not to duplex

So . .you have heard the buzz about duplexes and how they can make a big contribution to your equity and your cashflow. But is this really true? And, if it is, where do you start?

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What’s hot?

As a buyers agent and property strategist, I am always asked one of two questions:

  1. What’s the best suburb to buy in now?
  2. What’s the best type of property to buy now?

My answer is always the same . . .

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