Airbnb with a new twist

Guest author : Kirsty Fanton

With many property owners still coming to terms with the whole Airbnb idea, Airbnb is continuing down the path of innovation, right into the land of business accommodation.

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Property inspections for the virtual age

Guest author : Dijana Speak

Property management specialists, Speak Realty, have introduced the ‘Virtual Inspection Report’ as a service to their clients.

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Build your property money tree

In the vast range of choice available in the current property market, one of the best ways to obtain the biggest return by every measure is the multi-dwelling block.  Managed well, they are the closest thing to a money tree you can get.

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Property Investor ThinkTank

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Our next Property Investor ThinkTank will focus on the topic of small lot developments – including town houses, duplexes and splitter blocks.

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Avoid the traps when buying interstate

Guest author : Richie Muir, lawlab

Whilst an interstate purchase might tick all the boxes for your next purchase, there can be traps for those buying in an unfamiliar region as every Australian State and Territory has different property laws, conveyancing processes and contract terms.

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Forecast : the property market in 2050

If you’re waiting on the sidelines before you make your property purchase, you might want to rethink your approach.  A numerical look into the future previews some breathtaking projections for the property market only a few decades away.

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Here comes your housing future

From smart devices that turn themselves on and off, automated maintenance – not only for your property but also for those living within it, through to becoming your very own transport hub and power station . . .your housing future is already here.

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Managing risk in a Brexit and Frexit world

As we all wait to see how the global markets line up after the Brexit result, it’s timely to consider the age old argument about the benefits of shares over property – including risk mitigation and dealing with unforeseen changes.

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Trust me – I’m an ex-policeman

If you ever hear this from a real estate agent, be on your guard.  We recently purchased a property through an agent who said these very words.  Luckily, every warning bell in my mind went off.

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Property inspections without the pain

In the current market, building inspections have played an integral role in the due diligence process of purchasing a home or investment. But what is essential when it comes to buying the essential pre-purchase building report?

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