8 things you must know before you buy a property

Given we have more than 10,000+ mini property markets in Australia, the market you’re planning to buy into could be running slow (like Ceduna) or rapid fire (like Bondi) but there’s a few key pieces of information you should have before you buy into any market at any time.

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Devil in the detail of property contracts around Australia

A contract of sale is a legal requirement when buying or selling a property in Australia and in most states the contract contains valuable information that can make or break your purchase. The documentation and process differs between states and territories so ensure you dig deep to get across the detail.

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How to get your property loan green light

You’ve either been saving for a while and are now ready to think seriously about buying a property, or you’ve had your own property for a while and are ready to use the equity for another purchase.  Things are changing quickly in the finance market so we have outlined a summary of the current process for getting the loan green light.

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First time buyers need more than just money

First home buyers will have the opportunity of a lifetime in a few weeks, but they will need more than just money to ensure they set themselves onto a successful financial path.

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Strategic downsizing = live it up option : – )

wine glasses clinked by property beach

While the family home concession announced in the Federal Budget a few years ago was aimed at home owners 65 and over, the rampaging property prices from Sydney and Melbourne have caused a broader group of home owners to consider their options.

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Remember your property demolition deductions

If you are looking to renovate an investment property, you will want to consider getting a scrapping report to immediately deduct assets you plan on demolishing or throwing away.

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Trouble brewing in property paradise

Finally the truth is starting to come out.  Unfortunately, the reality of what has been happening in the property market is worse than any of us could imagine.  A recent report conducted by financial monitoring firm – Mozo – reveals the extent of poor quality builds and their impact on buyers over the past ten years.

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What’s best first – home or investment?

Trying to decide whether to buy a home to live in or an investment property can be tricky.  Of course, the aim should be to own the property you live in at some point but it may be quicker to invest first, and work your way into buying your home as a second or third purchase.

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