Leading indicators for property price direction

If you had to rely on one data source to forecast where property prices were heading, which category of information would you use?  Sneaky insight – the overwhelming majority of property buyers would nominate sales prices.

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Attic conversion or granny flat – which is best for you?

Whether you purchased your home as a renovation project or to serve as your forever home, your house is an investment. And, in the times of Airbnb and student housing, renovating your property for a rental return is becoming increasingly popular.

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Roads to riches?

Yes . . there really is more than one road.  Not only are there multiple roads to riches, but there’s also rail and light rail and a host of other infrastructure changes coming your way.  It seems all levels of government are finally getting their act together to (try to) deliver sustainable places for us all to live.

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How to avoid a dodgy apartment

In light of the horrendous outcomes still evolving from the Mascot Towers (Sydney) incident and the similar stories coming to light, there’s a timely reminder for buyers considering apartment purchases to check the property prior to purchase.

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Property owner laws and orders

You’ve made it!  You’ve climbed over the paperwork, waded through your search, concluded your purchase and your tenant has moved in.  You can now just sit back and count your rental returns, can’t you?  Mmm maybe not.

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Unpacking the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme

There’s good news for first home buyers as one of the initiatives of the freshly elected Federal Government is the establishment of the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme (FHLDS).  So, what’s this all about?

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Power up your property with an offset account

There’s plenty of ways to optimise your property but one that doesn’t involve renovation or development is to use mortgage offsets.  Used strategically, offsets can take years off your loan, increase your equity and make every dollar work harder.

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New property market needs new rules

As the Australian property market begins to spring back to life, it is clear we’re dealing with a very different market than the one operating prior to 18 May 2019.

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Hotspot reports a trap for rookie investors

Glowing property hotspot reports have long been seen as a ‘cheat-sheet’ into what’s up-and-coming, however industry experts have revealed the information often influences poor choices rather than good quality selections.

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