Tom Panos 2020 Property Insights

While you’ll hear endless market forecasts from media commentators with hidden agendas or data crunchers making predictions from their desks, there’s nothing like hearing real, unbiased feedback from specialists who actually work on the frontline of the property market.

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2020 property market forecast

Most of Australia’s capital cities will benefit from the interest rate cuts and loosening of credit restrictions to record dwelling price rises over 2020 with Sydney and Melbourne leading the charge, according to Christopher’s Housing Boom and Bust Report for 2020, released recently by SQM Research. 

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How to negotiate your property purchase

Negotiating your offer can be one of the trickiest steps in acquiring your property, but knowing the base process will help provide clarity and a good foundation to put you ahead of other buyers.

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Nine indicators of property success

No . . I’m not referring to beautiful cars, jewellery or fast men – although all those things are great.  Property success indicators are pieces of information or data that should influence your property activities.  This includes purchasing decisions, renovation and development decisions, as well as the crucial ‘hold’ or ‘sell’ choices.

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Relax and get your ratios out

I love this time of year.  Not only do you get to attend fun events, but I find the week just after Christmas to be a great opportunity to relax, review and plan for the year ahead.

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8 things you must know before you buy a property

Given we have more than 10,000+ mini property markets in Australia, the market you’re planning to buy into could be running slow (like Ceduna) or rapid fire (like Bondi) but there’s a few key pieces of information you should have before you buy into any market at any time.

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How to get your property loan green light

You’ve either been saving for a while and are now ready to think seriously about buying a property, or you’ve had your own property for a while and are ready to use the equity for another purchase.  Things are changing quickly in the finance market so we have outlined a summary of the current process for getting the loan green light.

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